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Love Notes - Letters from Parents to Children, is a collection of some 50 letters that parents sent to their children, which have been collated into one inspiring book.  The letters remind them that they are loved and share words of wisdom and encouragement for the challenges which lie ahead. 
Divided into 6 distinct chapters, they reflect on a wide range of topics such as dreams, pride, overcoming obstacles, hopes for the future and values.  Love Notes is a fascinating and deep collection of the innermost thoughts of parents, delving into personal issues and leaving an imprint of their feelings for the future.  Each letter is inspiring and will hopefully remind this generation to pass on their life’s lessons so the next generation may lead lives filled with abundance, joy, love, passion, challenge, opportunity, growth, and giving.

And at the end of the book the readers will also have an opportunity to send a letter to their own children, making this a truly unique and interactive experience.  
All proceeds will be donated to the following cancer charities - City of Hope, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and The Jessie Rees Foundation.


"Our children need our love and support at all times, but never more so than when they are in their formative years.  They need our guidance as they begin to make their own way in the world."            -Anthony Segil

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