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Love Notes

Author Anthony Segil

Anthony never thought he was going to write a book. 

He was born in South Africa, and has travelled throughout the world. He settled down as a State Farm agent involved in numerous

philanthropic institutions, founding member of Kid Alert, living in Los Angeles with his wife, their three children, and two German Shepherds. 

But then his nephew got cancer. 

As anyone who's been there will tell you, the journey with cancer is terrifying. Every person lives it differently and it affects whole families,

not just the patient. Anthony was inspired by his family's experience - the bravery, the fight, the despair, and the joy. He decided to help change

the world for the better, and the idea of a book to inspire other people, to highlight the love in every day life came about.

This is that book. Every penny made in royalties goes to charity.

This book is a collective legacy of love and wisdom...written by ordinary people about the most extraordinary thing in their lives.